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loads the specified type into the .NET runtime and returns a NETType expression that can be used to identify the type.
loads the type from the given assembly.
  • LoadNETType can load any of the types defined in .NET: classes, interfaces, structs (value types), enumerations, and delegates. The assembly in which the type is defined must have previously been loaded using LoadNETAssembly.
  • The following options can be given:
StaticsVisibleFalsemake static methods and fields accessible by just their names, not in a special context
AllowShortContextTruemake static methods and fields accessible only in the context that mirrors the full hierarchical namespace name
  • The assembly argument can be an assembly name, a NETAssembly expression, a .NET Assembly object, or a path or URL to an assembly file. If it is an assembly name, the assembly must already have been loaded.