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creates a matrix of scatter plots comparing the data in each column of m against columns of m.
  • returns a matrix of plots of the i^(th) and j^(th) columns of m.
  • has the same options as Graphics, with the following additions and changes:
DataLabelsNonelabels for the columns of m
DataRangesAllrange limits on the data
DataSpacing0space to place between subplots
DataTicksNonetick specifications for the columns
PlotDirection{Right, Down}direction in which scatter plots are generated
PlotRangeAllrange limits on the subplots
PlotStyleAutomaticstyles for the subplots
  • With the default setting of PlotDirection, the subplot located at the i^(th) row and j^(th) column takes y coordinates from column i of m and x coordinates from column j of m.
Plot pairs of columns from trivariate data:
Plot pairs of columns from trivariate data:
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Use matrix column numbers as labels:
Give explicit labels:
Limit the range of data values:
Include non-zero spacing between plots:
Use automatically generated ticks:
Define explicit tick positions:
Plot with x indices increasing toward the right and y indices increasing upward:
Visualize the covariance matrix for some multivariate data:
Overlap pairwise plots: