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creates a Pareto plot from the frequencies of the elements in list.

creates a Pareto plot from categories with frequencies .
  • combines a bar chart displaying percentages of categories in the data with a line plot showing cumulative percentages of the categories.
  • The categories are sorted in decreasing order of frequency.
  • has the same options as Graphics, with the following additions and changes:
AxesTruewhether to draw axes
BarOriginBottomorigin placement for bars
BarSpacingAutomaticfractional spacing between bars
ChartElementFunctionAutomatichow to generate raw graphics for bars
ChartElementsAutomaticgraphics to use in each of the bars
ChartLabelsAutomaticlabels for bars
ChartStyleAutomaticstyle for bars
ColorFunctionAutomatichow to color bars
ColorFunctionScalingTruewhether to normalize arguments to ColorFunction
LabelingFunctionAutomatichow to label bars
PlotMarkersAutomaticmarkers for points
PlotStyleAutomaticstyles for the line
  • The BarOrigin option applies to the entire plot, not just the bars.
for categories represented by letters:
for categories represented by letters:
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