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Additive Number Theory
Building on its broad algorithmic and mathematical capabilities, Mathematica provides a unique level of highly general and efficient support for additive number theory.
Integer Partitions
IntegerPartitions find restricted and unrestricted partitions of integers
Representation in Terms of Powers
PowersRepresentations find representations of integers as sums of powers
SquaresR  ▪ FrobeniusNumber  ▪ FrobeniusSolve  ▪ Reduce  ▪ Solve
Summation-Related Operations
Sum, Product general symbolic sums and products
PrimeOmega, PrimeNu number of distinct prime factors (with, without multiplicities)
Mod  ▪ EulerPhi  ▪ MoebiusMu  ▪ DivisorSigma  ▪ ...