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Any Mathematica symbol can have both a variety of types of values, and a variety of independently settable attributes that define overall aspects of its behavior.
Attributes find the attributes of a symbol
SetAttributes, ClearAttributes set, clear attributes
Function Properties
Listable automatically thread over lists appearing in arguments
Flat make equivalent to , etc. (associativity)
Orderless make equivalent to , etc. (commutativity)
OneIdentity treat as equivalent to a, etc. (idempotence)
Function Argument Evaluation
Numeric-Related Properties
NumericFunction treat as a numeric function
Constant treat as a constant in differentiation, etc.
Symbol Space
Stub stub created by DeclarePackage, etc.
Temporary temporary local variable from Module, etc.
Protected keep protected against redefinition
Locked keep all attributes locked (settable but not clearable)
Function a pure function, potentially with attributes