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Color Processing
Mathematica provides convenient functions and algorithms for manipulating colors in images, with full generality for arbitrary numbers of color channels.
ImageAdjust adjust levels, brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.
Lighter  ▪ Darker  ▪ Opacity
ImageHistogram histogram of levels by channel
ImageLevels tally of levels in each channel
ColorConvert convert between color spaces
ColorSeparate, ColorCombine separate, combine color channels
ColorNegate negate color values
Binarize reduce any image to black and white
ColorQuantize reduce the color palette of an image
AlphaChannel the alpha channel of the image
ImageApply apply an arbitrary function to each pixel value
Colorize create pseudocolor images
ReliefImage create an image from data using simulated relief
ColorData data on a large number of useful color schemes
RGBColor  ▪ GrayLevel  ▪ Hue  ▪ Red  ▪ Blend  ▪ ColorSlider  ▪ ...
ImageData  ▪ ImageChannels  ▪ ImageType  ▪ ColorSpace  ▪ ...