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Document Generation
Mathematica's symbolic document paradigm makes it uniquely easy to create complex structured documents programmatically, including both graphical elements and dynamic interactivity.
CreateDocument create a complete formatted document from a list of expressions
DocumentNotebook symbolic representation of a document notebook
TextCell, ExpressionCell symbolic representations of cells in any style
NotebookEvaluate evaluate the contents of a notebook
Document Structure
CellGroup symbolic representation of a cell group, with any cells closed
Grid arbitrary 2D layout of expressions, graphics, etc., with spanning, frames, etc.
TabView arbitrary tabbed pages
OpenerView  ▪ SlideView  ▪ FlipView  ▪ MenuView
StyleDefinitions overall cascading stylesheet definitions for a document
Style specify a style name or styling options for any element of a document
Text text to be embedded anywhere in a document
Background  ▪ CellMargins  ▪ Framed  ▪ Panel  ▪ WindowSize  ▪ WindowTitle
Active Elements & Annotation
Hyperlink create a hyperlink to any URL or any part of the document
Tooltip  ▪ Mouseover  ▪ Checkbox  ▪ ListAnimate  ▪ Manipulate
Defer create a cell containing evaluatable input
Import import graphics, etc. to include
Graphics  ▪ Inset  ▪ ListPlot  ▪ ListLinePlot  ▪ ...
Export export to the web and other media, in HTML, PDF, XML, etc.
NotebookPrint print an expression or a notebook to a default printer
Save As  ▪ Send To  ▪ Print
Deploy make a document or any part of it uneditable
Incremental Document Generation
CellPrint insert a cell at the point where evaluation is being done
Print  ▪ NotebookWrite  ▪ Paste