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Elements of Lists
Mathematica provides a carefully chosen set of functions for accessing elements of lists either using indices or positions, or using patterns or criteria for their values.
list[[...]] (Part) — parts of lists, resettable with
Span (;;) general specification for spans or blocks of elements
First  ▪ Last  ▪ Rest  ▪ Most  ▪ Take  ▪ Drop  ▪ TakeWhile
Append  ▪ Prepend  ▪ Insert  ▪ Delete  ▪ AppendTo  ▪ PrependTo
Position find positions of elements matching a pattern
Extract  ▪ ReplacePart  ▪ MapAt  ▪ ArrayRules  ▪ Ordering
Select select elements that satisfy a criterion
Cases give elements that match a pattern
Pick  ▪ DeleteCases  ▪ BinLists  ▪ Count  ▪ DeleteDuplicates
MemberQ test whether an element is a member of a list
FreeQ  ▪ ArrayQ  ▪ VectorQ  ▪ MatrixQ