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Evaluation Options in Notebooks
Mathematica allows you to specify in detail what should happen when you press Shift+Enter to evaluate a cell in a notebook, or Ctrl+Shift+Enter to evaluate an expression in place.
Evaluation Control
Evaluatable whether a cell or other expression is evaluatable
CellProlog, CellEpilog expression to evaluate before, after evaluating a cell
CellEvaluationFunction function to apply when evaluation is requested
Notebook-Level Control
InitializationCell mark a cell to be evaluated when a notebook is opened
NotebookAutoSave automatically save a notebook after each evaluation
Notebook Formatting
OutputSizeLimit maximum size for explicit output (default: $OutputSizeLimit)
CellAutoOverwrite overwrite output cells when new ones are generated
Context Control
EvaluationNotebook's Default Context localized context by notebook, cell, etc.
CellContext localized contexts for symbols in a cell
Remote Kernels
EvaluationNotebook's Kernel kernel to use for a notebook
EvaluationKernel Configuration Options configure remote kernels
Evaluator the name of the evaluator to use for a cell or expression
Dynamic Evaluation
EvaluationDynamic Updating Enabled whether to do dynamic updating