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Financial & Economic Data
Mathematica has immediate built-in access to current and historical financial and economic data.
FinancialData current and historical stock, fund, index, currency, etc. data
"Price"  ▪ "CumulativeReturn"  ▪ "Volatility50Day"  ▪ "MarketCap"  ▪ "PERatio"  ▪ "EBITDA"  ▪ "DividendYield"  ▪ "SICCode"  ▪
CountryData socioeconomic data and time series for all countries
"GDP"  ▪ "ExportValue"  ▪ "FixedInvestment"  ▪ "ElectricityProduction"  ▪ "OilReserves"  ▪
"CurrencyCode"  ▪ "CurrentUnit"  ▪ "ExchangeRate"  ▪
DateListPlot plot a time series