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Function Visualization
Long the standard for high-quality function and surface visualization, Mathematica incorporates a host of original numeric, symbolic, and geometric algorithms that automate the immediate creation of highly aesthetic and technically correct 2D and 3D visualizations.
Plot curves of one or more functions
Plot3D 3D surfaces of one or more functions
ContourPlot contour plot for a function or curve
ContourPlot3D 3D contour plot for a function or surface
DensityPlot density plot for a function
ParametricPlot 2D parametric curves or regions
ParametricPlot3D 3D parametric curves or surfaces
RegionPlot 2D regions defined by inequalities
RegionPlot3D 3D regions defined by inequalities
DiscretePlot plot functions of a discrete variable
DiscretePlot3D plot functions in 3D
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