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Geographic Data
Mathematica has built-in access to large volumes of carefully curated and continually updated geographic data, including both socioeconomic and related data, as well as geospatial data. In addition, Mathematica has sophisticated built-in geodetic capabilities, and can read standard geospatial data interchange formats.
CountryData hundreds of properties for countries and other entities
"Population"  ▪ "GDP"  ▪ "Flag"  ▪ "Polygon"  ▪ "BorderingCountries"  ▪ "InternetHosts"  ▪ "OilReserves"  ▪ "LifeExpectancy"  ▪
CityData properties of cities worldwide
"Population"  ▪ "Coordinates"  ▪ "Elevation"  ▪ "Country"  ▪
FromDMS  ▪ DMSString  ▪ DMSList
GeoDistance great circle distance between two latitude, longitude points
Import import data maintaining symbol structure, annotations, etc.
"SHP"  ▪ "SDTS"  ▪ "USGSDEM"  ▪ "TIGER"  ▪ "SP3"  ▪ ...
Additional Data