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Graph Styling, Labeling, and Layout
Graphs provide great information visualization. Highlighting graph elements will let information stand out. By using algorithmic graph layouts, much of the structure in a graph will be self-evident, such as connected components. By attaching interactive effects to graph elements, you can provide information drill-down. Mathematica provides extensive collections of carefully designed graph styles, highlight styles, and layout algorithms. Mathematica provides in-depth support for every aspect of styling, labeling, and shape generation for graphs, as well as carefully designed libraries of edge and vertex shapes.
Highlight Graph Elements
HighlightGraph highlight vertices, edges, or whole subgraphs
GraphHighlightStyle overall collection of styles used for highlighting
  ▪   ▪   ▪
Overall Look and Feel
GraphStyle overall collection of styles for different graph elements
  ▪   ▪   ▪
Graph Layout
GraphLayout algorithmic graph layouts
VertexCoordinates explicit list of vertex coordinates
  ▪   ▪   ▪
Vertex and Edge Styles
Style styling wrapper for vertices and edges
VertexStyle style all or individual vertices
EdgeStyle style all or individual edges
BaseStyle  ▪ Red  ▪ Dashed  ▪
Vertex and Edge Labels
Labeled labeling wrapper for vertices and edges
VertexLabels label individual vertices, control placement and formatting
EdgeLabels label individual edges, control placement and formatting
Placed  ▪ Pane  ▪ Style  ▪
Vertex and Edge Shapes
VertexSize set the size of vertices
VertexShape use any expression as vertex shape
VertexShapeFunction generate graphics as vertex shapes
EdgeShapeFunction generate graphics as edge shapes
  ▪   ▪   ▪
  ▪   ▪   ▪
Interactive Effects
Tooltip wrapper for adding tooltips to vertices and edges
Button wrapper for making vertices and edges act as action buttons
Hyperlink  ▪ PopupWindow  ▪ EventHandler  ▪