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Listing of All Formats
Mathematica supports many formats, with many subformats, variants, and options.
"3DS" 3D Studio format (.3ds)
"ACO" Adobe color palette format (.aco)
"Affymetrix" Affymetrix microarray formats (.cel, .cdf, .chp, .gin, .psi)
"AIFF" AIFF Macintosh sound format (.aif, .aiff)
"ApacheLog" Apache access log file format
"ArcGRID" ESRI GIS format
"AU" law encoding Unix Audio Format (.au)
"AVI" Microsoft AVI format (.avi)
"Base64" Base64 ASCII encoding
"BDF" BDF physiological signal recordings format (.bdf)
"Bit" sequence of binary bits
"BMP" Microsoft bitmap format (.bmp)
"Byte" sequence of 8-bit unsigned integers
"BYU" BYU 3D geometry format (.byu)
"BZIP2" bzip2 compression format (.bz2)
"C" C code generation (.c)
"CDED" Canadian digital elevation data (.dem)
"CDF" Wolfram Computable Document Format (.cdf)
"Character8" sequence of 8-bit characters
"Character16" sequence of 16-bit Unicode characters
"Complex64" IEEE single-precision complex numbers
"Complex128" IEEE double-precision complex numbers
"Complex256" IEEE quad-precision complex numbers
"CSV" comma-separated values (.csv)
"CUR" Windows cursor resource format (.cur)
"DBF" dBase database file (.dbf)
"DICOM" DICOM medical image format (.dcm, .dic)
"DIF" VisiCalc data interchange format (.dif)
"DIMACS" DIMACS graph data format (.col, .col.b)
"Directory" filesystem directory hierarchy
"DOT" DOT graph data format (.gv, .dot)
"DXF" AutoCAD 2D and 3D format (.dxf)
"EDF" EDF physiological signal recordings format (.edf)
"EMF" Windows metafile and enhanced metafile formats
"EPS" Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
"ExpressionML" Mathematica expression XML format (.xml)
"FASTA" bioinformatics sequence format (.fasta, .fa, .fsa, .mpfa)
"FITS" FITS astronomical data and image format (.fit, .fits)
"FLAC" FLAC lossless audio codec (.flac)
"GeoTIFF" annotated TIFF raster files (.tif)
"GIF" static or animated GIF (.gif)
"Graph6" dense graph format (.g6)
"Graphlet" GML graph data (.gml)
"GraphML" GraphML graph format (.graphml)
"GRIB" GRIB scientific data format (.grb, .grib)
"GTOPO30" USGS global topographic data (.dem)
"GXL" GXL graph data (.gxl)
"GZIP" Unix GZIP compression (.gz)
"HarwellBoeing" Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix format
"HDF" NCSA hierarchical data format (.hdf)
"HDF5" NCSA HDF 5 hierarchical data format (.h5)
"HTML" HTML format (.htm, .html), including embedded GIFs, CSS, etc.
"ICO" Windows icon resource format (.ico)
"ICS" iCalendar format (.ics, .ical, .ifb)
"Integer8" sequence of 8-bit signed integers
"Integer16" sequence of 16-bit signed integers
"Integer24" sequence of 24-bit signed integers
"Integer32" sequence of 32-bit signed integers
"Integer64" sequence of 64-bit signed integers
"Integer128" sequence of 128-bit signed integers
"JPEG" JPEG raster image format (.jpeg, .jpg)
"JPEG2000" JPEG 2000/JP2 raster image format (.jp2, .j2k)
"JVX" JavaView format (.jvx)
"JSON" JSON web service description (.json)
"KML" Google Earth GIS format (.kml, .kmz)
"LaTeX" LaTeX format (.latex)
"LEDA" LEDA graph format (.gw, .lgr)
"List" numbers or strings, one per line
"LWO" LightWave 3D file format (.lwo)
"MAT" MATLAB/Octave data format (.mat)
"MathML" MathML math content format
"Maya" Maya entity files (.ma)
"MBOX" MBOX Unix mailbox format (.mbox)
"MDB" Microsoft Access database file (.mdb)
"MGF" Wolfram Mathematica MGF bitmap format (.mgf)
"MIDI" MIDI music format (.mid)
"MMCIF" MMCIF 3D molecular model format (.cif)
"MOL" MDL MOL molecular models and drawings format (.mol)
"MOL2" Tripos MOL2 format (.mol2)
"MPS" MPS linear programming system format (.mps)
"MTP" Minitab portable worksheet format (.mtp)
"MTX" Matrix Market sparse matrix format (.mtx)
"MX" Mathematica serialized package format (.mx)
"NASACDF" NASA common data format (.cdf)
"NB" Wolfram Notebook format (.nb)
"NDK" NDK seismographic data format (.ndk)
"NetCDF" Unidata scientific data format
"NEXUS" NEXUS phylogenetic format (.nex, .nxs)
"NOFF" 3D object file format with normals (.noff, .cnoff)
"OBJ" Wavefront OBJ format (.obj)
"ODS" OpenDocument spreadsheet format (.ods)
"OFF" 3D object file format (.off, .coff)
"Package" Mathematica package source (.m)
"Pajek" Pajek graph data format (.net)
"PBM" ASCII portable bitmap format (.pbm)
"PCX" Windows Paintbrush format (.pcx)
"PDB" Protein Data Bank format (.pdb)
"PDF" Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.pdf)
"PGM" ASCII portable graymap format (.pgm)
"PICT" Macintosh PICT format (.pict)
"PLY" PLY 3D geometry format (.ply)
"PNG" PNG raster image format (.png)
"PNM" ASCII portable raster format (.pnm)
"POV" POV-Ray ray-tracing object description format (.pov)
"PPM" ASCII portable color pixmap format (.ppm)
"PXR" Pixar raster format (.pxr)
"QuickTime" Apple QuickTime multimedia container format (.mov)
"RawBitmap" pure binary bitmap data
"Real32" IEEE single-precision real numbers
"Real64" IEEE double-precision real numbers
"Real128" IEEE quad-precision real numbers
"RIB" Renderman interchange format (.rib)
"RSS" RSS feed format (.rss)
"RTF" Microsoft Rich Text Format (.rtf)
"SCT" Scitex CT prepress format (.sct)
"SDF" MDL SDF format (.sdf)
"SDTS" SDTS DLG and DEM spatial data files
"SDTSDEM" digital elevation files
"SHP" ESRI shape file format (.shp)
"SMILES" SMILES chemical format (.smi)
"SND" SND file format (.snd)
"SP3" geospatial data format (.sp3)
"Sparse6" sparse graph format (.s6)
"STL" stereolithography format (.stl)
"String" arbitrary data as a Mathematica string
"SVG" Scalable Vector Graphics format (.svg)
"SWF" Flash multimedia format (.swf)
"SurferGRID" geospatial data format (.grd)
"SXC" OpenOffice 1.0 spreadsheet file (.sxc)
"Table" arbitrary tabular data (.dat)
"TAR" Unix TAR archive (.tar)
"TerminatedString" null-terminated string
"TeX" TeX document format (.tex)
"Text" plain text (.txt)
"TGA" TrueVision Targa format (.tga)
"TLE" TLE satellite data format (.tle, .tce)
"TGF" TGF graph format (.tgf)
"TIFF" TIFF raster image format (.tiff, .tif)
"TSV" tab-separated values (.tsv)
"UnsignedInteger8" sequence of 8-bit unsigned integers
"UnsignedInteger16" sequence of 16-bit unsigned integers
"UnsignedInteger24" sequence of 24-bit unsigned integers
"UnsignedInteger32" sequence of 32-bit unsigned integers
"UnsignedInteger64" sequence of 64-bit unsigned integers
"UnsignedInteger128" sequence of 128-bit unsigned integers
"USGSDEM" USGS ASCII DEM digital elevation file (.dem)
"UUE" Unix uuencode format (.uue, .enc)
"VCF" vCard format (.vcf)
"VCS" vCalendar format (.vcs)
"VideoFrames" sequence of raster images
"VRML" Virtual Reality Modeling Language format (.vrml)
"VTK" Visualization Toolkit 3D format (.vtk)
"WAV" Microsoft WAV audio format (.wav)
"Wave64" Sony Wave64 audio format (.w64)
"WDX" Wolfram data exchange format (.wdx)
"WMF" Windows metafile format (.wmf)
"X3D" X3D XML geometry format (.x3d)
"XBM" X bitmap format (.xbm)
"XHTML" XML-syntax HTML (.xhtml)
"XHTMLMathML" XHTML with embedded MathML
"XLS" Excel spreadsheet format (.xls)
"XLSX" Microsoft Excel 2007 format (.xlsx)
"XML" arbitrary XML (.xml)
"XPORT" SAS interchange format (.stx, .xpt)
"XYZ" XYZ molecule geometry file (.xyz)
"ZIP" Windows ZIP archive (.zip)
"ZPR" Z Corp 3D printer format (.zpr)