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Managing Computations in Notebooks
Mathematica's sophisticated notebook paradigm provides a uniquely powerful way to manage, organize, document and present computations—from a few input and output lines, to industrial-size applications.
Executing Computations
Shift+Enter evaluate the current cell
Ctrl+Shift+Enter evaluate the current selection in place
Aborting, Interrupting & Debugging
Alt+. abort a computation
Alt+, interrupt a computation, entering a subsession
Debugger start the debugger
Arranging Computations in Notebooks
Ctrl+L copy down an input line (InsertInput from Above)
Ctrl+Shift+L copy down an output line (InsertOutput from Above)
double-click input cell bracket — hide the output to a computation
double-click output cell bracket — hide the input to a computation
Kernel Management
Quit Kernel quit kernel, leaving the front end running
Notebook's Kernel specify the local or remote kernel to use for a notebook
Notebook's Default Context how much to localize variables in each window
Initialization Cell a cell to evaluate when the notebook is opened
NotebookAutoSave whether to automatically save after each computation