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based on an earlier version of the Wolfram Language.
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Mathematical Data Formats
Discrete Graph Formats
"Graphlet" GML graph data format (.gml)
"DOT" DOT graph data format (.gv, .dot)
"GraphML" GraphML data format (.graphml)
"GXL" GXL graph data format (.gxl)
"DIMACS" DIMACS graph data format (.col, .col.b)
"Graph6" dense graph data format (.g6)
"Sparse6" sparse graph format (.s6)
"LEDA" LEDA format (.gw, .lgr)
"Pajek" Pajek graph data (.net)
"TGF" trivial graph format (.tgf)
Matrix Formats
"MAT" Matlab/Octave data format (.mat)
"MTX" Matrix Market sparse matrix format (.mtx)
"HarwellBoeing" Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix formats