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New in 6.0: Core Language
Built on powerful and elegant long-standing principles, the core Mathematica language has been gradually enhanced under tight control over its twenty-year history. Version 6.0 added convenient new list manipulation functions, enhanced pattern matching and options handling, as well as a major new integrated debugging and code analysis system.
Span (;;) — new notation for sequences of parts, blocks, etc.
Accumulate  ▪ Tally  ▪ Riffle  ▪ TakeWhile  ▪ ArrayFlatten  ▪ Band  ▪ ...
ReplacePart (modified) now supports general sparse rule specification
New Pattern Constructs
Longest  ▪ Shortest  ▪ PatternSequence  ▪ Repeated (modified)
New System for Function Options
New in Program Development
Debugger full interactive debugging and code analysis environment
NewPackage (.m) special notebook editor for package files, with function indices
New in String Manipulation
Other New Functions
Table, Do, ... (modified) now support iteration over explicit lists
TreeForm (modified) graphical display of the tree structure of an expression