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New in 6.0: Number Theory & Integer Functions
New Combinatorial & Recurrence Functions
Subfactorial  ▪ CatalanNumber  ▪ LucasL  ▪ BellB  ▪ NorlundB
New Divisibility-Related Functions
New Integer Representation Functions
New in Primes & Factorization
NextPrime  ▪ RandomPrime  ▪ PrimePowerQ  ▪ SquareFreeQ  ▪ ZetaZero  ▪ FactorInteger (modified)
New in Number Approximation
New in Exact Matrix Decomposition
New in Analytic Number Theory
New Digit-Related Functions
New Bitwise Functions
BitShiftLeft  ▪ BitShiftRight  ▪ BitLength  ▪ BitSet  ▪ BitGet  ▪ BitClear