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New in 6.0: Visualization & Graphics
Version 6.0 represented a major step forward in visualization and graphics, with many new and original concepts. Among them was full integration of Mathematica symbolic graphics with all input and output, immediate real-time graphics, automatic adaptivity throughout, and widespread use of automated aesthetics methods pioneered at Wolfram Research.
ListPlot (modified), ListLinePlot support multiple datasets
ListContourPlot, ListPlot3D, ... (modified) now support irregular data
ReliefPlot relief plots
DateListPlot date and time plots
GraphPlot, TreePlot graph and tree drawing
RegionPlot, RegionPlot3D plot inequalities
ContourPlot3D plot 3D contour levels
Plot3D, ContourPlot, ... (modified) now fully adaptive
Tooltip  ▪ Mouseover  ▪ Annotation  ▪ PopupWindow  ▪ TabView  ▪ ...
Ctrl+D bring up the Drawing Tools palette
Ctrl+G bring up the Graphics Inspector
New in Symbolic Graphics
Graphics, Graphics3D (modified) now display inline in output, and can be input
Graphics3D (modified) now supports full real-time rotation etc.
Graphics interactive drawing tools and interactive graphics inspector
Arrow  ▪ Sphere  ▪ Cylinder  ▪ Inset  ▪ GraphicsComplex  ▪ ...
Opacity transparency in 2D and 3D
Blend  ▪ Lighter  ▪ Darker  ▪ Glow  ▪ Specularity  ▪ ...
ColorData hundreds of color schemes and properties
Translate  ▪ Scale  ▪ Rotate  ▪ GeometricTransformation  ▪ ...
Import, Export (modified) new framework for different parts and views of data
"FLV"  ▪ "SWF"  ▪ "PLY"  ▪ "OFF"  ▪ "Maya"  ▪ "ACO"  ▪ "USGSDEM"  ▪ Rasterize  ▪ ...
SoundNote full support for MIDI-style musical notes and structures
EmitSound  ▪ Play (modified)  ▪ Beep  ▪ "FLAC"  ▪ "MIDI"  ▪ ...