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New in 7.0: Core Language
Built on powerful and elegant principles, the core Mathematica language has emerged over the past 20 years as perhaps the world's richest and deepest programming language. Version 7.0 builds into the core language some convenient additional list manipulation functions, has powerful new capabilities for string and sequence comparison, and introduces fully integrated, zero configuration, multiparadigm parallel computing for multicore and network systems.
New in List Manipulation
GatherBy gather elements of a list according to the value of a function
Gather  ▪ SplitBy  ▪ DeleteDuplicates  ▪ ArrayPad  ▪ Ratios
SequenceAlignment find an optimal alignment of sequences of elements
DamerauLevenshteinDistance distance between strings or vectors
Parallelize evaluate an expression using automatic parallelization
New in Message Handling
$MessageGroups themed groups of messages ("Graphics", "Symbolics", ...)
On, Off, Check, Quiet (modified) — apply to groups of messages