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New in 7.0: Dynamic Interactivity
Mathematica 6 introduced the revolutionary idea of symbolic dynamic interactivity. Mathematica 7 makes use of this idea throughout the system, and adds a number of additional features to the core concept.
Interactive Manipulation
Manipulate (modified) — new support for arranging controls in grids, etc.
New in Symbolic Controls
Control an interactive control with type automatically chosen
ButtonBar a bar of buttons with labels and actions
ChoiceButtons a pair of OK and Cancel buttons that close a dialog
Pane (modified) — scrollable pane
TabView (modified) — scrollable tabs
CheckboxBar, RadioButtonBar (modified) new support for in-bar delimiters
Panel (modified) — display a panel with different appearances
PreemptProtect protect evaluation from interruption by preemptive evaluations
Interface Building
Placeholder symbolic representation of place to type into