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Options & Styling for Interactive Manipulation
Manipulate is an extremely powerful function that immediately creates complete dynamic interfaces, automatically optimized for usability and appearance. For specific applications, you can customize the behavior and display of Manipulate using a broad range of options.
access automatic Manipulate actions
Controls Options
Delimiter draw a delimiter between controls
Text, Style, Row, ... give annotations between controls
Control an interactive control with type automatically chosen
ControlPlacement where to place controls
ControlType what types of controls to use (Slider, Locator, ...)
ImageSize, etc. — individual options for each control
AutoAction whether to have controls be active even without clicking
Overall Appearance
AppearanceElements control and other elements to display
Content & Content Options
Pane specify a fixed region for content
PlotRange, ImagePadding, ... graphics options for image stabilization
Deployed whether to make Manipulate content uneditable
Autorunning & Bookmarking
AutorunSequencing specify how controls should be animated
Bookmarks specify arbitrary bookmarks
Initialization & Setup
Performance Tuning
ContinuousAction whether to update continuously when controls are moved
ControlActive set up different behavior when controls are being moved