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Tabular & Spreadsheet Formats
Mathematica can export tables of numerical and textual data to any common spreadsheet file format or as formatted text. It can also import from such formats to give Mathematica arrays and metadata in various forms.
Tabular Text Formats
"Table" generic tabular data (.dat)
"CSV" comma-separated values (.csv)
"TSV" tab-separated values (.tsv)
Spreadsheet Formats
"XLS" Excel spreadsheet (.xls)
"XLSX" Excel 2007 format (.xlsx)
"ODS" OpenDocument spreadsheet (.ods)
"SXC" OpenOffice 1.0 spreadsheet file (.sxc)
"DIF" VisiCalc data interchange format (.dif)
Common Elements
"Data" — array of numbers or strings
"Rules" — rules for all elements
"Elements" — all available elements