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Text Styling
Mathematica allows arbitrary styling of any form of text to be specified either interactively from menus and commands—or programmatically using its powerful symbolic representation of styling.
Keyboard & Menu Controls
Alt+n pick a style for a selection (4: Section, 9: Input, 0: any style name)
Ctrl+B (Bold ▪ Ctrl+I (Italic ▪ Alt+= (Larger ▪ Alt+- (Smaller ▪ ...
Font  ▪ Face  ▪ Size  ▪ Text Justification  ▪ ...
Clear Formatting remove styles from text
Show Toolbar switch on notebook formatting toolbar
Style specify arbitrary style options for output
Option Inspector access to formatting and styling options
Bold  ▪ Italic  ▪ Red  ▪ Large  ▪ FontFamily  ▪ ...
PreferencesAppearance  ▪ PreferencesEvaluation  ▪ ...