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How to | Customize Plots and Graphics
Mathematica gives you the power to customize every aspect of the styling of your plots. These "How tos" give step-by-step instructions for common details of appearance.

Label a Plot »

Add Text outside the Plot Area »

Make a Legend for My Plots »

Make a Legend for My Charts »

Add Transparency to Plots »

Change the Lighting of Plots »

Color a 3D Surface without Lighting »

Control the Response of a 3D Surface to Lighting »

Make a Smoother or Rougher Plot »

Align Plots with Each Other »

Customize My Graphics »

Combine Two or More Graphics »

Add Text to a Graphic »

Make Dynamic Graphics »

Use Colors in Mathematica »

Change the Size of Points in a 2D Scatter Plot »

Change the Type and Color of Points in a 2D Scatter Plot »

Display and Style Data Points on a 2D Curve »

Add Error Bars to Charts and Plots »