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How to | Find Related Functions
When working in Mathematica, you will often find it useful to view groups of functions that relate to a specific subject area or set of tasks. The Documentation Center includes guide pages and the function navigator for this purpose.
This is a selection of examples from the complete "How to" screencast. »
There are many ways to access information about related functions in the Documentation Center. One way is to select HelpDocumentation Center:
Each function page ends with a section of links to related material in the Documentation Center.
The See Also section lists links to functions that are related to the current function being viewed (in this case Join):
The Tutorials section lists links to Mathematica tutorials on functionality related to the current function:
The More About section lists links to Mathematica guide pages on related subjects:
Drop-down menus containing these links can also be found in the upper-right corner of a function page:
These sections can also be found on most pages in the Mathematica Documentation Center, not just on function pages.
Guide pages contain links to function pages that share some common functionality. Click here to view the List Manipulation guide page (doing so will navigate away from this page). Much like function pages, guide pages also contain links to related tutorials and guides near the bottom of each page.
If you search the Mathematica Documentation Center, guide pages are indicated with an orange icon next to the search result. Here, the List Manipulation guide page is shown in a search result:
To browse guide pages by functional category, simply use the Documentation Center home page. Clicking a category on the home page will drop down a list containing a few guide pages that belong in that category. Here, the Data Manipulation category was clicked:
For a tree-based alternative to browsing guide pages by functional category, use the Function Navigator. Access the Function Navigator by selecting HelpFunction Navigator:
The Function Navigator opens in a separate window, and lets you browse the functions listed on guide pages.
Here, some functions listed on the Importing & Exporting guide page in the Data Manipulation category are shown in the Function Navigator:
Similar to the Function Navigator, the Virtual Book allows you to browse documentation in a tree-based form. However, the Virtual Book is comprised of Mathematica tutorials instead of guide pages and functions. For instruction on using the Virtual Book, please see How to: Use the Virtual Book.