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gives the Euler beta function .
gives the incomplete beta function .
  • Mathematical function, suitable for both symbolic and numerical manipulation.
  • .
  • .
  • Beta has a branch cut discontinuity in the complex plane running from to .
  • Beta gives the generalized incomplete beta function .
  • Note that the arguments in the incomplete form of Beta are arranged differently from those in the incomplete form of Gamma.
  • For certain special arguments, Beta automatically evaluates to exact values.
  • Beta can be evaluated to arbitrary numerical precision.
  • Beta automatically threads over lists.
Exact values:
Evaluate numerically:
Exact values:
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Evaluate numerically:
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Evaluate for complex arguments:
Evaluate for large arguments:
Evaluate to high precision:
The precision of the output tracks the precision of the input:
Series expansion:
TraditionalForm formatting:
Evaluate symbolically in special cases:
Infinite arguments give symbolic results:
Beta threads element-wise over lists:
Beta can be applied to power series:
Series expansion at poles:
Series expansion at infinity:
Evaluate symbolically at integer and half-integer orders:
Series expansion at any point:
Plot the beta function for real positive values:
Plot of the absolute value of Beta in the complex plane:
Distribution of the average distance of all pairs of points in a -dimensional hypersphere:
Low-dimensional distributions can be expressed in elementary functions:
Plot distributions:
The PDF for the beta distribution for random variable :
Plot the PDF for various parameters:
Calculate the mean:
Express the Euler beta function as a ratio of Euler gamma functions:
Reduce the generalized incomplete beta function to incomplete beta functions:
Use FullSimplify to simplify beta functions:
Numerically find a root of a transcendental equation:
Sum expressions involving Beta:
Generating function:
Generate from integrals:
Obtain as special cases of hypergeometric functions:
Large arguments can give results too small to be computed explicitly:
Machine-number inputs can give high-precision results:
Algorithmically generated results often use gamma and hypergeometric rather than beta functions:
The differential equation is satisfied by a sum of incomplete beta functions:
Beta functions are typically not generated by FullSimplify:
Nest Beta over the complex plane:
The determinant of the × matrix of reciprocals of beta functions is :
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