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terminates all parallel kernels from the list Kernels.
terminates the kernel k.
terminates the kernels , , ....
  • Closed kernels are removed from the list of kernels available for parallel computing, as given by Kernels.
Close all running parallel kernels:
Close all running parallel kernels:
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Close any parallel kernels that may be running and launch the default kernels:
Close all kernels:
Launch copies of the previously running kernels:
Measure the speedup of the same calculation with different numbers of kernels used:
Distributed definitions and shared variables apply to running kernels and new ones:
Packages read with ParallelNeeds also apply to running and new kernels:
Close all running kernels and launch new ones:
The new kernels inherit previously distributed definitions and shared variables:
The new kernels also inherit packages read previously:
If no kernels are available, most parallel calculations are done sequentially:
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