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gives the coefficient of form in the polynomial expr.
gives the coefficient of in expr.
  • Coefficient picks only terms that contain the particular form specified. is not considered part of .
  • form can be a product of powers.
  • Coefficient picks out terms that are not proportional to form.
  • Coefficient works whether or not expr is explicitly given in expanded form.
Find coefficients of polynomials:
Find coefficients of polynomials:
Click for copyable input
Click for copyable input
Find a coefficient at x:
Find a coefficient at a power of x:
Find the free term in a polynomial:
Find a coefficient at a multivariate monomial:
Find a coefficient over the integers modulo 2:
CoefficientList gives a list of all polynomial coefficients:
The same list of coefficients obtained using Coefficient and Exponent:
For multivariate polynomials CoefficientList gives a tensor of the coefficients:
CoefficientArrays gives the list of arrays of polynomial coefficients ordered by total degree:
The coefficient of :
In the coefficient of is the element at position :
In the position is concatenated with a s and b s ( and indicate the first and second variables):
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