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creates a multichannel image by combining the sequence of channels in the .
combines images that represent the color components specified by colorspace.
  • ColorCombine creates an image containing channels obtained by concatenating the sequence of channels from each of the .
  • The images must have the same dimensions.
  • ColorCombine returns an image of the specified colorspace. For a complete list of possible settings, see the reference page for ColorSpace.
  • When combining a color image with a grayscale image, ColorCombine creates an image of the same color space with alpha channel.
Combine three graylevel images into an RGB image:
Combine three graylevel images into an RGB image:
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Create an RGBA image:
Combine three single-channel images into an HSB image:
Combine images into a CMYK image:
Create an RGB image with alpha channel:
Create a six-channel image:
Show color channel permutations:
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