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distributes all definitions for the symbols to all parallel kernels.
distributes definitions for all symbols in the specified context.
  • DistributeDefinitions in effect applies ParallelEvaluate to all assignments for values and attributes with the symbols , including not only ownvalues but also downvalues, upvalues, and other types of values.
  • DistributeDefinitions applies itself recursively to any symbols appearing in the definitions of the symbols .
  • DistributeDefinitions in effect "registers" the definitions for the symbols so that they are automatically distributed to every new parallel kernel that may be launched.
  • DistributeDefinitions[expr] for an arbitrary expression expr distributes definitions for all symbols appearing in expr.
Functions used in subkernels need to be distributed first:
Higher-level parallel commands automatically distribute definitions needed:
Functions used in subkernels need to be distributed first:
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Higher-level parallel commands automatically distribute definitions needed:
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Values of variables:
Distribute definitions for all symbols in the current context:
Auxiliary definitions on which a distributed definition depends are also automatically distributed:
DistributeDefinitions overwrites any previous values and attributes present:
Remove a distributed definition by clearing the function and distributing it again:
DistributeDefinitions uses ParallelEvaluate to transport definitions to all kernels:
An explicit ParallelEvaluate does the same:
Distributed definitions are remembered for new kernels; the effect of ParallelEvaluate is not:
For higher-level parallel commands, functions defined interactively are automatically distributed:
Distribute definitions manually and disable automatic distribution:
Symbols that have values only on the subkernels are not distributed:
The values on the subkernels remain intact:
As soon as a symbol gets a local value, it will be distributed with the next parallel computation:
Use ParallelNeeds to set up a package on all parallel kernels:
Use DistributeDefinitions to set up your own definitions:
A function used that is not known on the parallel kernels may lead to sequential evaluation:
Define the function on all parallel kernels:
The function is now evaluated on the parallel kernels:
The use of DistributeDefinitions does not suppress automatic distribution of definitions:
Modify the definition:
The modified definition is automatically distributed:
Suppress the automatic distribution of definitions:
Symbols defined only on the subkernels are not distributed automatically:
Certain objects with an internal state may not work efficiently when distributed:
Recompute such objects on all subkernels for better performance:
Quickly visualize the Gaussian primes:
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