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expands out products and positive integer powers in expr.
leaves unexpanded any parts of expr that are free of the pattern patt. »
  • Expand works only on positive integer powers.
  • Expand applies only to the top level in expr.
  • Expand automatically threads over lists in expr, as well as equations, inequalities and logic functions.
Expand polynomial expressions:
Expand polynomial expressions:
Click for copyable input
Click for copyable input
Variables need not be symbols:
Some powers can be symbolic:
Expand does not go into subexpressions; ExpandAll does:
Leave parts free of unexpanded:
Leave parts free of unexpanded:
Leave anything not matching unexpanded:
Work in the field GF(2):
The modulus does not have to be a prime:
Expand a trigonometric expression:
Many functions give results in unexpanded form:
Factor is essentially the inverse of Expand:
When no powers are involved, Distribute gives the same results as Expand:
Direct application of the distributive law often generates far more terms than are needed:
Create a nested pattern corresponding to an additive cellular automaton (rule 60):
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