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expands out products and powers that appear in the numerator of expr.
  • ExpandNumerator automatically threads over lists, as well as equations, inequalities, and logic functions.
Expand the numerator of a fraction:
Expand the numerator of a fraction:
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Expand the numerator of a rational function:
ExpandNumerator threads over sums:
ExpandNumerator threads over Boolean combinations of equations and inequalities:
Expand the numerator over the integers modulo 3:
Expand the numerator using expansion formulas for trigonometric functions:
ExpandNumerator leaves the denominator unexpanded:
ExpandDenominator expands the denominator, leaving the numerator unexpanded:
Expand expands the numerator and expands the fraction into a sum of fractions:
ExpandAll expands the numerator, the denominator, and the fraction:
Use Factor, Numerator, and Denominator to factor the numerator back:
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