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gives the maximum power with which form appears in the expanded form of expr.
applies h to the set of exponents with which form appears in expr.
  • The default taken for h is Max.
  • form can be a product of terms.
  • Exponent works whether or not expr is explicitly given in expanded form.
  • Exponent gives the list of exponents for each of the .
Find the highest exponent of :
Find the highest exponent of :
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The degree of a polynomial:
Exponents may be rational numbers or symbolic expressions:
The lowest exponent in a polynomial:
The list of all exponents with which appears:
The degree of a polynomial over the integers modulo 2:
With Trig->True, Exponent recognizes dependencies between trigonometric functions:
Compute the leading coefficient:
Compute the leading term:
The number of complex roots of a polynomial is equal to its degree:
Use Solve to find the roots:
Length of the CoefficientList of a polynomial is one more than its degree:
Exponent is purely syntactical; it does not attempt to recognize zero coefficients:
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