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gives an expression cell that can appear in a Mathematica notebook.
gives an expression cell with the specified style.
  • Expression cells can contain any Mathematica expressions, including graphics and dynamic objects.
  • Typical possible styles for expression cells include , , , etc.
Backgroundthe color of the background for the cell
CellBaselinealignment relative to surrounding text
CellFramewhether to draw a frame around the cell
CellTagstags for the cell
Editablewhether to allow the contents of the cell to be edited
FontSizethe default size of text in the cell
TextAlignmenthow to align the contents of the cell
2D and 3D graphics as well as formulas can be part of the content:
An expression cell can appear within a text cell:
Use different named styles:
A simple function that produces a document as an answer using expression and text cells:
TextCell and ExpressionCell format contents differently:
Cell is used for low-level descriptions, including forms that are not complete expressions:
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