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prints as the full form of expr, with no special syntax.
  • FullForm acts as a "wrapper", which affects display, but not evaluation. »
  • The option NumberMarks can be used to specify whether marks should be used to indicate type, precision or accuracy of approximate numbers. »
FullForm of a typeset expression:
FullForm of a graphic:
FullForm of a typeset expression:
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FullForm of a graphic:
Click for copyable input
Integer, Rational, Real, and Complex numbers:
Arbitrary-precision Real and Complex numbers:
Special constants:
Characters and strings of characters:
Control characters for strings:
Different inputs interpreted as Power expressions:
Special typeset expressions:
Different list structures:
Input without special interpretation:
With special characters in the same positions there may be special interpretations:
In the case of superscripts, most things get interpreted as Power:
Some objects use a special output representation:
Some objects use an elided output representation:
The elided parts are visible in the underlying FullForm:
Inexact numbers format without number marks by default:
The same numbers without number marks:
A mixed symbolic and numeric expression:
Omit all number marks:
The FullForm will show the precedence of operators:
Grouping with parentheses affects the precedence:
See the underlying interpretation for a TraditionalForm output:
Perform replacements:
Replace lists with a new wrapper newhead:
Multiplications have the head Times:
Find all multiplications in expr:
See the underlying expressions:
FullForm affects display but not evaluation:
Apply FullForm to the evaluated integral:
FullForm has linear formatting without special syntax:
InputForm formats as linear input:
TreeForm graphically displays an expression's tree structure:
Pattern matching is based on the FullForm:
The previous fraction is represented as a single Power expression:
Perform the desired replacement:
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