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represents a Gabor wavelet of frequency 6.
represents a Gabor wavelet of frequency w.
  • GaborWavelet defines a family of complex non-orthogonal wavelets.
  • The wavelet function () is given by .
Wavelet function:
Wavelet function:
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Use WaveletScalogram to get a time scale representation of wavelet coefficients:
Use InverseWaveletTransform to reconstruct the signal:
Wavelet function as a function of frequency w:
Resolve a cosine wave with frequency 10 Hz:
Perform a continuous wavelet transform on the data:
Frequencies resolved by the transform are the inverse of the scales:
Plot WaveletScalogram to verify that the 10 Hz frequency is resolved by the seventh octave:
GaborWavelet with a certain frequency is similar to MorletWavelet:
Wavelet function and its Fourier transform:
GaborWavelet does not have a scaling function:
The central frequency of the GaborWavelet[w] is approximately w:
Compute the wavelet function with frequency parameter :
Plot the real part of a wavelet function overlaid by a sinusoid at the central frequency:
Imaginary part:
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