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generates a graphic in which the are laid out in a row.
leaves the specified spacing between successive elements.
  • If the are graphics, GraphicsRow will if possible make them all the same height, preserving their individual aspect ratios.
  • The output from GraphicsRow can be interactively resized, or edited as a graphic.
  • GraphicsRow by default inserts the same fractional space between successive elements.
  • Possible overall spacings between items are:
han absolute number of printer's points
Scaled[s]a fraction s of the height of an item
  • The can be any expressions, not just graphics.
  • The following options can be given:
Alignment{Center,Center}horizontal and vertical alignment of elements
AspectRatioAutomaticratio of height to width for the whole row
BackgroundNonewhat background colors to use
BaselinePositionAutomaticwhat to align with a surrounding text baseline
BaseStyle{}base style specifications for the row
DividersNonewhere to draw dividers in the row
FrameNonewhere to draw frames
FrameStyleAutomaticstyles to use for frames
ImageSizeAutomaticoverall size of the whole graphics row
SpacingsScaled[0.1]horizontal and vertical spacings
  • Common settings for Frame include:
Noneno frame
Trueframe around the whole row
Allframe around every item in the row
  • The settings for BaseStyle are appended to the default style typically given by the style in the current stylesheet.
Display graphics in a row:
Put a frame around every element:
Display graphics in a row:
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Put a frame around every element:
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Set a background for each successive entry:
Adjust the spacings between elements:
Align contents to the bottom:
Align contents to the top:
Different predefined alignment options:
Use different aspect ratios:
Set a background for each successive entry:
Align with surrounding text:
Draw the interior dividers:
Draw dividers with specified styles:
Frame the entire graphics:
Frame all elements:
Frame specific elements:
FrameStyle supports a variety of graphics directives:
FrameStyle is also applied to Dividers:
Use predefined symbolic sizes:
Use an explicit image width:
Use an explicit image width and height:
Use no space between images:
Explicitly set spacings between images:
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