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is an attribute which specifies that all arguments to a function are not to be modified or looked at in any way in the process of evaluation.
  • By setting the attribute HoldAllComplete you can effectively shield the arguments of a function from all aspects of the standard Mathematica evaluation process.
  • HoldAllComplete not only prevents arguments from being evaluated, but also prevents Sequence objects from being flattened, Unevaluated wrappers from being stripped, and upvalues associated with arguments from being used.
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HoldComplete is a standard container with attribute HoldAllComplete:
No form of evaluation control affects an expression with attribute HoldAllComplete:
Substitution still happens inside an expression with attribute HoldAllComplete:
Unevaluated has the attribute HoldAllComplete:
HoldAllComplete affects only evaluation; input transformations are still applied:
A fast way to compute the Hofstadter-Conway sequence :
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