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returns a version of that is aligned with .
  • ImageAlign finds a transformation of that registers it with and returns the result of applying this transformation to .
  • The resulting image has the same dimensions as .
  • ImageAlign can take a option. Possible transformations in order of increasing complexity:
"Translation"translation only
"Rigid"translation and rotation
"Similarity"translation, rotation, and scaling
"Affine"linear transformation and translation
"Perspective"linear fractional transformation
  • With the default setting Automatic, ImageAlign attempts to find the simplest possible transformation.
Align a part of an image with the full image:
Align a part of an image with the full image:
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Fill the background with gray pixels:
Use a rigid transformation:
Align an image with its mirror image:
Overlay the aligned images:
Align two different images of the same object:
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