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gives an image in which each pixel at position corresponds to the position in image.
gives an image of the specified size.
  • The pixel positions in the original image are assumed to run from 0 to 1 in the horizontal direction and from 0 to the aspect ratio in the vertical direction.
  • For possible size specifications, see the reference page for ImageResize.
AspectRatioAutomaticaspect ratio of the output image
BackgroundBlackbackground value
DataRangeAutomaticassumed range of and values in the original image
PlotRangeAutomaticrange of coordinates to be included in the result of the transformation
  • DataRange->Automatic is equivalent to a setting of , where represents the aspect ratio of the original image.
  • With an option setting False, pixels that are not reached by the forward transformation are set to the background color.
Applying a forward transformation on a color image:
Applying a forward transformation on a color image:
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Use a geometric transform function:
Applying a power of 2 function on the coordinate:
Specifying the full data range determines the coordinate range of the function:
Adjust the plot range to include all image pixels:
Direct transformation of points with no interpolation:
Include all transformed image pixels:
Set the plot range to adjust the cropping of the output image:
Translating a square image by one-tenth of the entire image in each direction:
Fisheye effect:
Melting effect:
Mirror facets effect:
Smudge effect:
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