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gives an image in which each pixel at position corresponds to the position in image.
gives an image of the specified size.
  • The bottom-left corner of the image corresponds to coordinates by default. Other coordinate systems can be specified by setting the PlotRange and DataRange options.
AspectRatioAutomaticaspect ratio of the output image
DataRangeAutomaticrange of coordinates in the original image
PlotRangeAutomaticrange of coordinates in the resulting image
PaddingBlackpadding method
ResamplingAutomaticresampling method
  • The range of the coordinate system for the input image is assumed to be , where a is the aspect ratio. Other coordinate systems can be specified by setting the DataRange option.
Automaticrange , where a is the aspect ratio
{{left,right},{bottom,top}}explicit coordinate ranges
Fulltrue pixel range
  • The coordinate system of the resulting image is specified by the PlotRange option, which takes the same settings as DataRange.
  • PlotRange->All tries to find a plot range that includes the images of all pixels in the input image.
  • For possible size specifications, see the reference page for ImageResize.
Transformation of an image:
Transformation of an image:
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Specify the size of the resulting image:
Set an explicit target image size, which will not be affected by the plot range:
Effect of a vertical distortion on a regular grid:
Use the full image coordinates as the input to the transformation function:
Choose a data range symmetric on the axis to perform a vertical reflection:
View all transformed image pixels:
Using a periodic padding for values beyond the image:
Make a photo mosaic:
Create a rain effect:
Create a tileable image:
Create a tiling effect:
Mirror an image:
Rotate an image:
Warp a line of text along the vertical axis:
Create a caricature:
Fisheye effect:
Spiral mirror effect:
Distort a portrait image:
A curvy distortion:
Another effect:
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