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gives the pixel value of image at position .
gives the pixel value converted to the specified type.
  • ImageValue assumes the standard image coordinate system where x runs from to width and y runs from to height. Position corresponds to the bottom-left corner of the image.
  • Use PixelValue to use integer indices for extracting exact pixel values of the image.
  • ImageValue can be used to get pixel values for multiple positions.
  • ImageValue by default returns values between 0 and 1. Using ImageValue, a pixel value is returned in the range specified by . See the reference page for Image for a list of all possible data types.
{{xmin,xmax},{ymin,ymax}}values in the specified intervals for x and y
  • ImageValue can take a Padding option, which is used when a specified position is beyond an image.
Value of a pixel in a color image:
Value of a pixel in a color image:
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Extract the raw pixel value in the underlying data type:
Pixel values of multiple positions:
Pixel value at the center of an image using a normalized data range:
Bilinear subpixel interpolation:
Using the nearest value instead of interpolating:
Get values of the diagonal pixels:
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