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Infinity or
is a symbol that represents a positive infinite quantity.
  • Certain arithmetic operations work with Infinity.
Use as iterator limit:
Do arithmetic with infinite quantities:
Use as iterator limit:
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Do arithmetic with infinite quantities:
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Use Esc inf Esc to enter :
Series expansion at :
Infinite limits of integration and summation:
Extended arithmetic with infinite quantities:
In this case the result depends on the growth rates of the two terms:
Use infinite quantities in predicates:
Find values of mathematical functions at infinities:
For some functions there is no definite limit, but a limiting interval:
In this case no limiting interval exists:
Mathematical functions can also return infinite quantities at finite points:
Cases finds matches only at the first level by default:
Set the level to Infinity to include all levels:
Stirling's asymptotic approximation:
Setting the precision to Infinity will produce a rational approximation:
Some functions require infinite precision or exact input:
Apply SetPrecision to the whole expression to rationalize all inexact numbers:
Use an infinite WorkingPrecision in Plot:
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