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makes a chart showing prices and volume for each date.
makes a financial chart for the financial entity over the daterange.
makes a financial chart with indicators , , ....
  • The dates are considered an ordered sequence of events, and are not shown on an absolute time scale. The date formats for are the same as used in DateListPlot.
  • Wrappers can be applied to indicators using the form .
  • Wrappers can be applied to the entire dataset using the form or .
  • The following wrappers can be used:
Annotation[data,label]provide an annotation
Button[data,action]define an action to execute when the element is clicked
EventHandler[data,...]define a general event handler for the element
Hyperlink[data,uri]make the element act as a hyperlink
PopupWindow[data,cont]attach a popup window to the element
StatusArea[data,label]display in the status area when the element is moused over
Style[data,opts]show the element using the specified styles
Tooltip[data,label]attach an arbitrary tooltip to the element
Appearance"Candlestick"appearance to use
AspectRatio1/GoldenRatiooverall ratio of width to height
AxesTruewhether to draw axes
BarSpacingAutomaticspacing between candles
ChartBaseStyleAutomaticoverall style for bars
ChartElementFunctionAutomatichow to generate raw graphics for candlesticks
ColorFunctionAutomatichow to color candles
ColorFunctionScalingTruewhether to normalize arguments to ColorFunction
DateFunctionAutomatichow to convert dates to standard form
EventLabelsNoneevents to label
GridLinesAutomaticgrid lines to draw
GridLinesStyleAutomaticstyle for grid lines
PerformanceGoal$PerformanceGoalaspects of performance to try to optimize
TrendStyleAutomatichow to style up and down trends
ScalingFunctionsNonehow to scale the axis
InteractiveTradingChart for Google during 2009:
InteractiveTradingChart for Google during 2009:
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Specify additional indicators for the chart:
Customize the appearance of the chart:
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