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gives the total number of indivisible subexpressions in expr.
  • LeafCount gives a measure of the total "size" of an expression.
  • LeafCount counts the number of subexpressions in expr that correspond to "leaves" on the expression tree.
Find the number of "leaves" in an expression tree:
Find the number of "leaves" in an expression tree:
Click for copyable input
Click for copyable input
Find leafcount measures of the sizes of successive integrals:
Make Simplify pick expressions with minimum LeafCount:
Find leafcounts in combinator expressions
LeafCount includes the head and all elements inside it:
LeafCount is based on the FullForm of expressions:
LeafCount counts elements in rational and complex numbers just as in FullForm:
Integers of any size are still treated as single expression leaves:
LeafCount treats SparseArray objects as single expression leaves:
Unlike TreeForm, LeafCount takes into consideration the structure of expression heads:
This shows the expression tree whose leaves are counted by LeafCount:
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