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yields True if all the characters in the string are letters, and yields False otherwise.
  • LetterQ[string] by default gives False if string contains any space or punctuation characters.
  • LetterQ handles both ordinary and special characters.
  • In general, LetterQ treats as letters all characters that appear as ordinary text in any language.
  • LetterQ treats as letters such special characters as , , , and .
Test whether a character is a letter:
Test whether a character is a letter:
Click for copyable input
Click for copyable input
Test whether all characters in a string are letters:
Punctuation is not a letter:
Accented letters are still treated as letters:
Gothic letters are treated as letters:
Greek letters are treated as letters:
Characters that are not letters in ordinary natural language are not treated as letters:
All characters treated as letters:
Contiguous characters in character space may not all be letters:
An actual script-B character is nevertheless a letter:
Plot the character codes of letters:
Include the actual names of characters:
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