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prints as a MathML form of expr.
  • MathMLForm gives presentation MathML, although its output can normally be interpreted by Mathematica.
  • MathMLForm acts as a "wrapper", which affects printing, but not evaluation.
  • MathMLForm gives special characters using HTML aliases.
A typeset expression:
A special character:
A typeset expression:
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A special character:
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Subscripts and superscripts:
Overscripts and underscripts:
List structures:
A matrix:
Logic operations:
A definite sum:
A special function:
MathMLForm gives MathML for the TraditionalForm expression:
Obtain MathML for the expression in StandardForm:
Convert an expression to MathML:
Use ToExpression to convert MathML back to Mathematica syntax:
Use ToExpression to convert from any MathML to Mathematica:
Use Export to generate a MathML document, including semantic markup:
Add formatting via Format:
New in 4.1