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is the Meijer G function .
  • Mathematical function, suitable for both symbolic and numerical manipulation.
  • The generalized form MeijerG is defined for real r by , where in the default case .
  • In many special cases, MeijerG is automatically converted to other functions.
Many special functions are special cases of MeijerG:
Evaluate numerically:
Many special functions are special cases of MeijerG:
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Evaluate numerically:
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Evaluate for complex arguments and parameters:
Evaluate to high precision:
The precision of the output tracks the precision of the input:
MeijerG threads element-wise over lists in the last argument:
Series expansion:
Series expansion in a logarithmic case:
Series expansion at infinity:
TraditionalForm formatting:
Evaluate a generalized Meijer G function:
The analogous ordinary Meijer G function has a different branch cut structure:
Solve a differential equation:
MeijerG gives a logarithmic part:
Integrate can return answers involving MeijerG:
Use FunctionExpand to expand MeijerG into simpler functions:
For some choices of parameters MeijerG is not defined:
is a singular point of MeijerG functions with :
MeijerG is a piecewise analytic function for :
Solve a challenge problem: find to maximize:
Plot the integral:
Numerically find the maximum:
Generate many elementary and special functions as special cases of MeijerG:
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