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gives the minimal state-space model of the StateSpaceModel object ss.
  • The minimal state-space model is both controllable and observable, and has the minimal number of states.
Compute a minimal realization:
Compute a minimal realization:
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Obtain a model with the minimal number of states:
A minimal realization of a symbolic model:
A minimal realization does not contain uncontrollable modes:
A minimal realization does not contain unobservable modes:
Remove any uncontrollable or unobservable modes:
MinimalStateSpaceModel computes the subspace that is both controllable and observable:
A minimal realization is both controllable and observable:
Minimal realizations are not unique:
Both are minimal realizations of the same transfer function:
MinimalStateSpaceModel is essentially equivalent to TransferFunctionCancel for single-input, single-output systems:
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